Rosacea? Sun Damage? Dr. Shannon Humphrey explains why people experience excessive redness in the face, and suggests a couple treatment options such as laser and IPL.

Facial redness is a common complaint of patients. When the skin becomes more red over time, or it may happen from time to time, and we call that flushing.
Redness can come from a number of reasons: Sun exposure, skin disease like rosacea, or it may just be the natural skin color of that particular patient. It bothers patients because other people may perceive them as being embarrassed, even when they’re not.

There’s many treatments that can help reduce facial redness, and the treatment would really need to be tailored to each individual patient.

Number 1:

It’s important not to forget that cosmetics can play a role to even out the appearance of the skin tone, and make the face look more red.

Number 2:

Sun avoidance can really help to prevent the redness from becoming worse over time.

For some patients, getting on the right skincare regimen can reduce redness, and for others, they may require treatments like laser or even intense pulsed light to reduce the redness.

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