Dermatologist Dr. Anatoli Freiman provides information about Rosacea, a relatively common skin disease, but one that may not be as well known to the public. Symptoms like flushing, blushing, pimples, and persistent redness are known symptoms of rosacea. Diagnosis and treatment options are also discussed in this short but helpful video.

Rosacea is a common condition that we see in our practice; usually something we see more middle aged females most prevalent to have rosacea.
It’s usually characterized initially by flushing, blushing, then it’s followed by more persistent redness, pimples of the face, and sometimes it can be quite disfiguring, so people would have disfiguring of the nose or the ears with rosacea.
There’s other conditions that can look like rosacea, so the important point is that patients who might have rosacea should seek a specialist opinion of a dermatologist to really get counselling about proper diagnosis and treatments.
There’s really a variety of treatments available these days, ranging from sun protection, proper skin care, and preventative measures for rosacea, going to topical creams, often based on Metronidazole; common products we use would be MetroGel or Noritate for rosacea.
There are also a number of oral agents like Aprilon, doxycycline, which is a new formulation in the market, so it’s a very low dose antibiotic that is very helpful with rosacea.
Then there is a lot of cosmetic treatments such as laser therapies, let’s say broad band light therapy that can be helpful to reduce the redness of rosacea.

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